Board Of Directors

Mr. Naresh Sethi

Managing Director

Mr. Naresh Sethi, who himself is innovative in the terms of technology and ecology.
Mr. Naresh Sethi is the Managing Director of MD BIOCOALS Group of Companies. His strong passion and commitment to help the farmers lead better lives had motivated him to take up this role. He is the expert of machine solutions & machine automation. He helps farmers in all aspects. He is a self-motivated and innovative. He motivates others and inspires others to achieve company goals with individual goals. In a competitive environment, he is always known for his unique quality of decision-making. He has an optimistic and problem-solving attitude. He made MD BIOCOALS Pvt Ltd Plant India’s Fully Automated World Class Organic manufacturing plant to serve the farmer better and faster. He is determined to make Healthy and Happy to make India Chemical Free Nation.
His focuses on product development, business expansion, revenue growth, market leadership, and strategic partnership initiatives.

Managing Director of MD BIOCOALS

Mr. Rajesh Sachdeva

Marketing Director

Sales & Marketing is Managed by Mr. Rajesh Sachdeva, It's increasing day by day just Like “Omnis Cellula-E-Cellula” reaching on new heights, making new records every day. Mr. Rajesh Sachdeva is the Marketing Director of MD BIOCOALS Group of Companies. He is an exceptional human being. He is a very humble and down-to-earth leader. He leads his team with new ideas by keeping a view of organizational goals. He is the pillar of the company who handles all problems calmly and patiently. He is known for his efforts and his efforts always meet the organizational goals. He plays a vital role in the marketing team, organizing company conferences, trade shows, and digital marketing.

Marketing Director of MD BIOCOALS

Mr. Manish Sethi

Associate Director

Mr. Manish Sethi is the Director cum State head – Punjab of MD BIOCOALS Pvt. Ltd. and heading one of the most important roles in the organization known as the pillar of MD Group production and productivity.

Associate Director of MD BIOCOALS

Mr. Sunny Sachdeva

Associate Director

Mr. Sunny Sachdeva is heading the state of Haryana for MD BIOCOALS Pvt. Ltd. He is playing a valuable role in sales and promotional activities. And he understands the situations that need to be addressed and how these issues can be solved.

Associate Director of MD BIOCOALS